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 Personal Finance 

Most people think learning how to manage and control one’s personal finances should be left for banking and financial professionals. However, this is a misconception. Below are some reasons why you should take your financial education seriously to benefit yourself and your future.

Being knowledgeable about how to control your personal finances can help you manage your debt, credit, and income. This in turn makes using everyday services like credit cards a whole lot easier, delivering you peace of mind!

Personal financial education helps you understand the value of saving and allows you to see the underlying value in doing so. This in turn can lead to your financial independence.

Financial literacy can help you set up a budget or plan that ensures you manage your personal finances wisely. At some point in the future, you may need credit, so you’ll need to know the best ways to make use of it.

This may seem cliché, but knowing how to manage your finances is something you should take seriously if you want to actualize a current dream in the future. Almost every single area of life requires money and if you want to own that Rolls Royce one day or buy that beach house, it is essential you start making financial decisions now.



Business Development

Beginner Level

Mid – Level

Executive – Level

New startup businesses spring up every day. What’s more, people are constantly looking for ways to add to their income by creating new streams while others venture into business out of a passion for it. Anyone who is starting up a business will find value in knowing the right way to go about it as jumping in head first can yield unnecessary, negative repercussions.

If you start up a business by following the right set of rules and regulations, you can observe your customers and know how to assure their satisfaction. Securing customers for your business is one thing but keeping those customers is a different thing entirely. A good and well-structured business map or pathway goes a long way when it comes to customer retention.

Setting up a business with a plan can help you determine what’s necessary and what’s not. For a startup business, you may only need the essentials that are key to manufacturing and marketing your products. This can help you cut down on unnecessary expenses that you may otherwise buy if you started the business without prior knowledge.

The major goal of businesses is to not only make money, but also to make a profit. By following a structured and reliable business approach, you can maximize your profits, improve your performance and avoid unnecessary expenses. What’s more, you can see increased profits whilst ensuring your customers remain satisfied and happy. It’s a win-win for everybody.



Subject areas for speaking engagements, training and workshops include:
– The Importance of Credit &Budgeting During & Post Covid-19, interactive workshop
– Stopping the Generational Cycle of “Poverty Mindset”: Transparent Financial Conversations with your Children, interactive workshop
– Tackling Debt and Building a Wealth Plan as a Single-Mompreneur, speech/presentation
– Effective Communication about Finances within Urban Households, presentation
– The Emotional Cost of Not Paying Attention, presentation
– Financial Education and the Socioeconomic Divide, speech
– Aging Out: From Foster Care to Financial Freedom, keynote speech & training for foster youth, speech

Ruth Elisa is an expert financial educator, business strategist and life coach. She speaks mostly on topics relating to personal finance and business development. Ruth Elisa is available for speaking engagements, be it motivational speeches, interactive workshops, and presentations. If you would like her to speak at your event, please email

The struggles Ruth Elisa faced and conquered in her life have taught her an array of salient lessons. She can share them with any audience, teaching them to dream beyond their reality and take action, one step at a time.

Here Ruth Elisa works an audience through practical applications of key business and financial principles. She goes in-depth into the specifics of an idea to benefit each and every attendee.

Want someone who can explain, articulate and present an idea in a clear and engaging manner? Email Elisa Plan now!