About the Company

Elisa Plan, formerly known as Financially Fit Boss, is a company dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty by providing credit counseling, budgeting and life coaching services. Since its inception hundreds  of clients have been serviced in locations such as Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Orlando, Florida and Rochester, New York. Elisa Plan has expanded services to include life coaching due to the demand of clients who were struggling with additional issues. Presently, Elisa Plan Services  include credit counseling, disputes, life coaching, youth services and more!


About the Founder

Ruth Elisa took Western New York by Storm in 2016 when she launched Elisa Plan, then known as Financially Fit Boss. The Brand she built for financial literacy has now reached over 20 states.

Ruth is a single mother of 2 children and native of Rochester, NY. She received her bachelors from,  RIT masters of science in educational administration from the University at Buffalo and is finishing her PHD, where she is focusing on Financial Literacy in Urban Districts.

Ruth, now coined as, Ms. Financially Fit, gained her popularity by not only  helping clients with credit and household budgeting, but for shopping on a dime for trendy fashions and home decor

Ruth has always had a passion for caring for people and has been acknowledged by this from several different organizations.