Mind, Money, Life Balance: Your Health & Wealth

True Balance: Why A Balance Between Health, Wealth, And Spirituality Is So Important

How do most Americans define success? If you answered making more money, then you have the same perception as most others. Most Americans believe that everyone else’s definition of success is monetarily-based.

However, that’s not true. A study once found that most Americans have a nuanced version of success that isn’t all about cash. While money certainly plays a significant role in people’s perception of success, it’s not the only one. Success is really about wealth, health, and spirituality. That balance is vital to ensuring that you create a lifestyle you love and one that is sustainable.

Life Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Many people believe that they need quite a lot to be happy. As such, they spend significant amounts of time working to support that lifestyle. As such, they focus mostly on wealth at the expense of health and spirituality.

Unfortunately, this leads to burnout and other health symptoms that cause problems later on in life. Many studies show that burnout is a substantial health risk, especially in women, who frequently find themselves working a job, taking care of the home, and raising children. In amongst the chaos, people feel like their needs are lost – as if their actions no longer affect their lives.

It’s essential to recognize that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on finding that balance between all three aspects of your life in a sustainable manner. Without health, both physical and mental, you cannot achieve true happiness. After all, you cannot mask chronic pain, fatigue, anger, and other ill feelings with a new car or a fancy drink.

How Can People Achieve This Balance?

Sometimes, achieving that balance feels like it’s much easier said than done. However, there are concrete steps you can take to transition your life away from burnout and back towards bliss.

  • Maintain a budget and save money. Financial worries impact many Americans. Even people that you might think shouldn’t have to worry about money, do. Keeping a budget allows you to live a less stressful life. Instead of being always worried about work and bills, having a budget that allows for some savings lets you remove that stress from your life.
  • Stay organized, both in terms of time and home. Track your time and ensure you’re carving out some for yourself. Also, keep your home organized. Did you know that clutter increases your stress levels? By valuing your living space and time, you’ll improve your health and spirituality significantly.
  • Take care of your body. Exercise, try to eat right, and always attend necessary doctor’s appointments. If your body doesn’t feel well, your mind won’t feel well, which will make everything, including accumulating wealth, harder.

Achieving A Balance Is Crucial

As is the case with most things in life, achieving a balance is crucial. You cannot focus solely on either wealth, health, or spirituality. True happiness comes from the realization that these work together. By feeling content where you are money-wise (no debt), you reduce your stress and improve your health. Similarly, by focusing on your health (through exercise, e.g.), you strengthen your mind to work best to enhance your wealth.

Focus on finding that perfect balance. Make a budget and start focusing on yourself today!