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I’ve come a long way and I’m no longer hiding or downing the fact that I’m proud of myself. This picture means so much to me. In the back are the buildings I grew up in when I moved back in with my mother at the age of 14…The buildings where I basically became a mother to MY mother…The buildings where I started to be grown. When I say #nojudgementzone I mean it! God saved me from a whole lot!  And here I stand in front of them, a beautiful business woman, a dope mom, a soon-to-be wife and a thought-provoking leader. #ElisatheFinanceFixer #ElisatheBusinessBuilder

About Founder Ruth Elisa

Ruth Elisa is an award-winning personal finance coach and business strategist, who has walked the walk and lives the lessons she teaches. At the age of 18, the upstate New York native made the decision to sustain financial authority after years of childhood poverty. A product of the New York State foster care system, Ruth was placed in eight different homes and experienced the effects of financial instability and emotional abuse. It was not until she met a well-off uncle and a special foster care parent that she discovered she could achieve a better quality of life.

Ruth attended college at Rochester Institute of Technology and University at Buffalo consecutively for her undergraduate and graduate studies. While in graduate school, Ruth opened her first business, a college preparatory program assisting underrepresented youth in gaining access to collegiate opportunities. This is where Ruth realized she could eliminate the poverty mindset and help other women entrepreneurs.

This did not come easy, but Ruth understands her journey is a testimony to other women entrepreneurs. Even after living life the so-called “right way”, at the age of 26, Ruth decided to leave an emotionally abusive relationship and became a single mother when her son was seven months old and daughter was just under two. This sudden transition forced Ruth to apply for social services temporarily in order to provide for her family. Applying for food stamps made Ruth understand there are systems designed that are sustainable but keep you stagnant. Shortly after receiving assistance, Ruth started a daycare because she could not afford childcare and had no consistent support for her children. This is when she realized the difference between sustainable and stagnant and sustainable and scalable systems. The daycare was the first sustainable and scalable model Ruth created. Even though she knew this was not her calling, she also started understanding the keys to build sustainable businesses and how to balance her personal finances simultaneously.

Having an educational background in organizational development and human behavior, Ruth saw a connection to her childhood and single mother journey and founded Elisa Plan. Her finance and business programs have helped thousands of women and small businesses nationwide
achieve their financial goals, build sustainable systems and exit poverty.

Today Ruth Elisa resides in Upstate New York with her two children. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and a board member of OTB Ministries. Ruth dedicates her career to financial mentoring to improve the quality of life for women entrepreneurs as she had done for herself.