Q: What does my personal finance and money management habits have to do with my business?

A: Let’s think about this for a sec…if you’re not able to balance your household finances, how do you think you will balance your business finances? Thousands of small businesses fail within the first 5 years because they did not properly financially prepare for the ups and downs of business. For example, many banking institutions will look at your personal finances and credit before granting you access to business funds. Aside from loans, you need to have your household and business in order for your personal well-being. This is why I teach both personal finance and business development strategies to women entrepreneurs. They go hand-in-hand, especially for start-up entreprenHERs. What I teach in one area, I want my clients to apply in all areas. That is a level of organization and strategy for your finances across the board.

Q: What is your consulting/coaching style?

A: When working with clients, depending on the package they choose I either operate as a Coach or as a Consultant. This varies based on personal and business needs. Coaching is offered to clients who need accountability but they understand this is a “me-and-you” process. They are responsible for work to be completed while I guide/advise them on each procedure. Consulting is me coming in as the expert and providing solutions to your business or building your business so you can be “launch ready”. Consulting is more of a hands-on approach on my end for entrepreneurs who may work full time elsewhere or simply do not want to have to manage starting a business, website, product/service launch, social media platforms and growth, etc. Please visit the Service Page for complete descriptions of each service offered.

My style of work is best explained as adaptive. While I interact closely with clients I understand every client has different needs and different personalities. For example, if you’re an introvert there will be ways in which I coach you as a leader/entrepreneur that will help you market your business as an introvert should, without overextending yourself to the public. You will build on your strengths as an introvert to accomplish your goals without getting burnt out.

Q: Am I able to work with you directly?

A: Yes! There are several services where you can work with me directly. The time frames of these services may vary. Check out the Service Page to see all options and choose which one is right for you!

Q: Do I really need a business plan?

A: The short answer is YES! As a business owner, you need a plan to guide your business through thick and thin. Take it from me…I started one business with no plan on paper and it lasted less than a year!

Q: What is the difference between your online DIY education programs and working with you personally?

A: Both types of programs were designed by me so you are getting top of line teaching either way! The DIY education was created so individuals can learn at their own pace. You will have access to the online trainings for a year. Personalized services (working with me) are for those that need extra accountability or typically have tons of questions they like to ask when in a training. Also, if you feel as though you have a unique situation, you may want the personalized option.

Q: Why should I work with you?

A: Not to toot my own horn (toot-toot!), but I am an award winning personal finance and business strategist. I’ve utilized my degrees and experience in education, business management, and finance to create a proven curriculum designed to promote financial health and wealth. Elisa Plan provides services to clients nationwide while headquartered in Western NY. I’ve been interviewed by local and national media outlets to share my expertise on entrepreneurship, credit and personal identity protection and analysis regarding the 2019 Equifax and Capital One data breaches.

Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: For some services, payment plans are available. Please click here to visit the Service Page. Below each description you will see a fee. If there is a payment plan available, you will see this option.