Dig Up the Dirt to Lay the Foundation 

According to Forbes, Women of Color are starting businesses at a faster rate than any other group. However, we are less likely to scale our businesses (Forbes.com). It’s my mission to change this! Building a successful business isn’t exactly common knowledge – that’s why so many business owners have gone to business school at one point or another. But most traditional business schools do NOT prepare you for entrepreneurship. In fact, most of those professors do not run a full time business. So can you still build a sustainable and scalable business? Of course you can!

This detailed webinar series and workbook guides you through the process of building your business from the ground up. From there, it’ll help to ensure that you build a sustainable business that is profitable and scalable every step of the way. And guess what? You’re able to do this on your own time!

Through a 5-module structure, you’ll learn all about how to:

  • investigate your personal money management habits
  • build the foundation of your business
  • create your brand, how to conduct marketing
  • understand your value and pricing, and so much more!

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Watch this webinar to get a detailed explanation of how this DIY Course works!

  • Module 1:
    • Welcome
    • Housekeeping
    • Instructions
    • Personal Finance/ Money Management
    • Your Purpose in Business
  • Module 2:
    • Business Structure
    • Trademarking/ Copyrighting
    • Systems
  • Module 3:
    • Business Finances
    • Building a Team
    • Compliance
  • Module 4:
    • Branding
    • Product/Service Descriptions
    • Pricing & Value of Services
  • Module 5:
    • Marketing
    • Analyze & Revise
  • PAY-IN-FULL BONUS: 7 Strategies to put fire under your butt to start your business

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • A realistic blueprint of your current financial situation
  • 12 month Business budget for you to use and revise for lifetime use!
  • Building your start up budget and ongoing budget
  • Your tailor made branding story completed
  • Knowledge of how to find your target market and create a marketing plan centered around your true audience
  • How to create an SOP
  • How to market
  • How to build the right team to keep your hands free as the CEO
  • A detailed strategic plan
  • How to audit your business to keep the IRS out of your hair!


  • 12 month business budget sheet & Start Up Budget Sheet
  • Business Ebook
  • Business Workbook
  • Business Resource Guide
  • Business Plan Template
  • Educate with Elisa Newsletter

Price: $1997