Elisa’s VIP 90 Day Strategic Financial Coaching

When it comes down to it, your financial life is going to play a major role in how you go about achieving your goals and reaching your full potential. At Elisa Plan, we work hand in hand with our clients to provide them with the life coaching support that they need to take advantage of every financial opportunity.

Through this package of 6, one on one personalized coaching sessions, you’ll engage in a rigorous financial coaching and life coaching program specifically designed for clients who are serious about achieving their personal financial goals within a 90-day period.


  • Bi-monthly coaching calls & communication in Slack
  • Holistic approach for Personal Finances
  • Budget & Credit Analysis
  • Investment & Retirement Planning Education

For more information please visit elisaplan.com/90-day-finance

This package includes:

  • Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions with Ruth Elisa
  • Strategic Planning
  • Holistic Approach for Personal Finances
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Accountability Check-Ins
  • Budget Analysis
  • Tailored Savings Plans
  • Credit Counseling Sessions
  • Assistance in Disputing & Negotiating Debts
  • Investment & Retirement Planning Education
  • Note: This is for Personal Finance only. Please go to the Business Section for business coaching services

Life Coaching

Being a life coach is much more than being a counselor or business mentor. It’s all about helping you grow as an individual in every area of your life. If that sounds interesting and you’re ready to achieve long-term success, then be sure to get in touch.

Here’s What You’ll Walk Away With:

  • A significant increase in your credit score*
  • Money in the bank!
  • Tailored and detailed bi-monthly session notes with realistic to-dos
  • A new realistic budget for you to use and revise for lifetime use!
  • Knowledge of how to dispute and negotiate your debts yourself!
  • Understanding of your financial habits
  • Skills to pass the knowledge you’ve learned to your family (spread the knowledge!)
  • Understanding when to say no and when to say YES when it comes to your money
  • Confidence when talking about finances (no more changing the subject when money comes up!)
  • Knowledge of investments
  • Negative items removed from reports*

* There are no guarantees for an increased credit score or items being removed from your credit reports. Your negative items established in the contract will be disputed as the contract states for up to six months. Your credit score increase is based off of the work you do in the program. We are not responsible for unforeseen circumstances to your finances or credit during this process that could potentially affect your score such as additional collections being reported that you were unaware of, job loss, personal financial decisions you choose to make, etc. 

To book Elisa’s 90 Day Personal Finance Coaching, follow the steps below:

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Step 2: Reserve your spot by submitting payment.

Step 3: Complete Elisa Plan’s Exclusive Personal Financial & Life Coaching questionnaire.

Step 4: Look out for a confirmation email with specific directions to start working with Ruth Elisa.

Coaching Fee: $2,667

I am looking forward to working with you!!!

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