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Our Mission is simple :

Our mission is to help women create sustainable, scalable 6-figure business models to increase wealth and eliminate the poverty-mindset. This is accomplished through online education, private coaching and our exclusive membership.


The vision of Elisa is to break the generation cycle of “poverty mindset” by:

Nationally teaching, cultivating and empowering women entrepreneurs who were never financially educated
Assisting individuals in breaking bad financial habits, whether picked up from family members or created by themselves
Establishing a business foundation structure to build wealth instead of debt

Why Choose Elisa Plan?

Who better to lead you from where you are to where you want to be than someone who has achieved success from the bottom up.

Founded by the down-to-earth wonder woman Ruth Elisa, she understands what it means to have nothing and how to build success and authority from there.

Wholeheartedly passionate about helping people see what is possible and equipping them to go after it, Elisa Plan is founded on a belief to help make life easier. Ruth believes in guiding you from your current position and leading you to your potential.

That’s why if you want a support system that won’t relent until you succeed in your niche, then Elisa Plan is for you!


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Slide Sonja Elam
CEO & Lead Engineer
SUME Consulting
"[Ruth] provided a clearer roadmap on how I can better plan and execute my vision. The program was well worth the time and cost. The classes were well organized. Topics were thorough. The information was relevant and there were proven techniques. [Her course] embodies the buzz words ‘progress over perfection’ and encourages entrepreneurs to just GET STARTED. Exposure to other entrepreneurs, new ideas, business leads and the plug-n-play templates are great. Also, the guest speakers with real work experience and advice were beneficial. She wants to see you do well and that makes a difference. This information has been instrumental in moving to the next level."

Slide Dr. Shana Goodson
SDG Global Enterprises
After working with Ruth Elisa for personal finance and business coaching, I was able to successfully solve a corporate tax issue that arose and create a money management system so I could grow my business while teaching. Ruth truly is a life coach extraordinaire and strategist! She went above and beyond my expectations, researching the most efficient resources and offering effective strategies that were tailored made for my situation. Together, we set realistic goals for my personal life and business! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to create generational wealth through business!

Slide Elijah Ponder
Ponder's Contracting, LLC
"Listen, if you're a business owner, planning to start a business or just want to "level up", I strongly suggest you connect with Ruth Elisa. I thought I knew everything when it came to my business but she introduced me to things I've never heard of... like Its ok to get help.
She has a program that can help in all areas! I've only been working with her for a month and have been accomplishing things I've been trying to accomplish for a year now! I've never been this motivated. She might be a genius!"