Elisa Plan was created to empower individuals currently or previously struggling with credit and finances with the tools necessary to gain financial freedom.

Your credit score and report determine the loans you qualify for, such as an auto loan, personal loan, mortgage and the list goes on! With poor credit you may automatically be declined for these types of loans based on you score. Oppositely with a great credit score you may be automatically approved for certain loans. A personal credit score ranges from 300 (the poorest score) to 850 (the best score). Typically a score of 700 or better is considered a “good score”. Your credit score also determines the interest you pay on loans which can range from 0% to 26% depending on the type of account.

• The Benefits of Excellent credit is the ability to secure Auto loans as low as 1.9% interest •

• You will be Preapproved for a range of accounts (credit cards, loans, etc) •

• Lower car insurance rate •

• The greatest benefit is having financial stability and Peace of Mind. •