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Why You Should Hire Your Children in Your Business

Small Business Owners: If Your Children Are Somewhat Self-Sufficient, Hire Them! Family businesses are relatively common in the United States. Family-owned companies account for 64% of the US GDP, generate 62% of our nation’s employment, and are responsible for 78% of job creation. You could easily say that family businesses are responsible for much of […]

Mind, Money, Life Balance: Your Health & Wealth

True Balance: Why A Balance Between Health, Wealth, And Spirituality Is So Important How do most Americans define success? If you answered making more money, then you have the same perception as most others. Most Americans believe that everyone else’s definition of success is monetarily-based.

Co-signing for Your Boo Can Leave You Boo-Hoo Crying

The Ugly Truth Behind Cosigning For Your Boo Many young women and men run into this trap. You’re texting bae one day, and they want you to cosign a car. Maybe they want a new truck or to take out a loan to consolidate debt.

Four Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Four Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make Every entrepreneur has stories of mistakes that they have made. When you’re a first-time entrepreneur, there’s so much to learn. You’re not only learning the business, but you’re also dealing with paperwork, legalese, and accounting headaches. Worse, if you make the wrong moves, you could invite the IRS to come […]